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The Serpent’s Teeth island chain, in the center of the Azure Sea, was first used by pirates over a millennia ago. After the pirate captains were united by Sea Lord Drac around 800 years ago, the city of Freeport was founded on A’Val, the largest island in the Serpent’s Teeth, as a privateer’s haven.

Under Drac, the pirates posed a much larger threat to the other empires and nations than they had as individuals, and the imperial navies were evenly-matched by the Sea Lord’s fleet. What the pirates lacked in numbers they made up for in tactics – at least in the open seas. Legends of Drac’s tactics, and the sea elf witch Adryn who gave him his power, persist to this day.

When a joint force of human and dragonborn imperial fleets blockaded the Serpent’s Teeth, Drac was betrayed by his first mate, Dyne. Contacted by spies sent into Freeport by the empires, Dyne was convinced that the Sea Lord would gladly see the city razed and its inhabitants killed to further his own legend. Killing the Sea Lord and his witch, Dyne seized power and negotiated a truce with the blockading fleet.

Over the next six hundred years, Freeport grew into one of the most important trade hubs and political allies in the world. While the city state is officially neutral on the world stage, Freeport’s navy is available for hire as seafaring bodyguards or privateers – for private corporations, other governments or anybody with the coin to convince the Sea Lord of their cause.

Within the last century, the discovery of the fuel salsang has sparked an industrial revolution worldwide, slowly gathering pace. A huge vein of salsang was uncovered just outside Freeport about 45 years ago, which has further cemented the Serpent’s Teeth as a powerhouse in the world economy.

Main Page

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